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Jack is a gentleman in his mid 60's, and was diagnosed with dementia in 2011. He was born and lived most of his life in London. He now lives in Surrey in a first floor flat. Jack has one brother who lives abroad and sadly has no contact with him.  Jack is supported by a care agency and they visit him four times a day to support him. He was referred to our service in 2013.   

Jack was brought into the centre by a support worker from the mental health team. The support worker had a good relationship with him as he visited him on a regular basis and had built up trust with him.


When Jack was introduced to everyone he was a little quiet and rather sceptical. He soon began to relax and engage in conversation, talking about his interests of being a huge QPR football fan.


Jack agreed to a trial day the following week. On his arrival he was offered a cup of tea and introduced to other members. Although a little apprehensive, Jack engaged well and listened to others talking. He was encouraged to join in with a game of darts and with a little persuasion Jack took part. He then told us that he used to play darts for a local pub team and he had won many trophies.  


Jack suffers from dysphasia and finds it difficult to find many words so needs lots of time and encouragement when talking to others. He has poor spatial awareness so needs support and assistance in recognising things. He needed a little bit of assistance with his meal as he was unsure of how to start his meal. A staff member was sitting at the table and discreetly in prompted him with his cutlery and once in his hand he had soon finished all his meal! In the afternoon Jack chose to go out for a walk in the communal grounds. As he walked he pointed to the people walking their dogs and saying how he used to have a dog. He was really engaged in conversation with other clients as he walked along.  


When the support worker came in to take Jack home he turned to the client he was talking to and shook their hand and smiled at them. He walked over to a staff member put his hand on their shoulder and thanked them. Jack smiled as he walked out of the centre and with a confidence he that he had not shown when he first arrived. 

Please note, some of the identities in these case studies have been obscured to protect their identity

Copyright: Dave Shepherd

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